Merchandising Skill Building Program


Application Deadline for the 2024-2025 Academic Year is March 15, 2024.

 Applicant Information
*First and Last Name
* Home Address (Street Address)
Address line 2
*Zip/Postal Code
*Phone Number

*Date of Birth
Parent/Guardian Name

*High School Graduation Date
*GPA (Grade Point Average)

*Name of College you have applied to or attend
*Academic Major
Academic Minor (if any)
*Are you planning a 4-year degree?
*College Level for the 2024-2025 Academic Term:
Tech School (give details)
*Anticipated College Graduation Date:

*Desired Career/Location
*Where did you hear about the ASC scholarship?


Please e-mail the following to

A Personal Profile telling your story, including:

  • A cover letter detailing your interest of study and commitment to a career in any area of the grain industry or associated enterprise and detailing the value to the citizens of North America.
  • A brief statement written by applicant detailing the value of a career in any area of the grain industry or associated enterprise to the citizens of North America.
  • Work and/or Volunteer Activities. A list and description of your participation in the community and volunteer work, as well as work related experiences during high school, college and/or current employment in ag-related business. Include work on a family farm, employer/supervisor contact information, dates of employment, and the numbers of hours worked per week during the school year.


  • Completed Statement of Financial Need
  • Transcript from your high school or current college (including the grading scale for your school) or most recent evidence of achievement.
  • Letter of recommendation from an individual in the grain industry or associated enterprise as to the character and accomplishments of applicant.
  • Applicant Information from online form.

NOTICE: Plagiarism by the applicant in the applicant’s submitted statements may be grounds for disqualification of the applicant.

The Agriculture Scholarship Centre shall condition the award of the scholarship to a graduating high school senior, college student, full time employee in a grain related business or other approved applicant upon:

  1. The proposed recipient’s admission to or continuing enrollment in a college/university or continuing education program.
  2. Receiving an outline of the student’s proposed course of study for the next semester at said college/university or continuing education program reporting the enrolled agriculture course(s).


College Scholarship Application

College Scholarship Application Requirements

Statement of Financial Need

College Scholarship FAQs



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